In the pilot episode, Brendon Small finds out that his single mother, Paula, is going on a date with his annoying, fat soccer coach, Jon McGuirk.



  • This is the first episode of Home Movies
  • This episode is one of “The UPN 5”. Therefore, it has Paula Poundstone as Paula and is 100% retroscripted.
  • This is one of two episodes to have an opening (Brendon runs around the house, and stops at Paula, whohas his camera)
  • Brendon, Jason, Melissa, McGuirk, Paula, Josie and Erik are introduced in this episode. The referee character is introduced as well. You can also see the Shannon character as one of the soccer players, but he is not mentioned by name.
  • This episode was not mapped in the slightest; the plot developed through lots of improvisation between the actors. A full version of the improv that led to the first scene between McGuirk and Brendon is on the season 4 DVD as an easter egg.

Brendon's FilmographyEdit

  • The Dark Side of the Law
  • The Dark Side of the Law II


Home Movies End Theme - by Loren Bouchard & Zachery Carter



Coach McGuirk shows Brendon his tattoos


Brendon shows Paula his "The Dark Side of the Law" Trailer


Brendon, Melissa and Erik talking at the sandbox


The Date


Brendon acts up during soccer practice.


Guy flips the finger to Erik


Brendon sitting on the bench.


Erik plays the violin

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